Saturday 30 May 2020

#143 BJORK - Red White (Flac)

Orchard Hall, Tokyo, Japan
5 December 2001

My initial exposure to Bjork's music was through the Sugarcubes 'Birthday' single released in 1987. BBC Radio DJ John Peel was a fan and played the single often, followed by a session and tracks from the 'Life's Too Good' debut album in 1988.

Five years later Bjork would release her debut solo album which I bought on CD and the two subsequent albums, Post & Homogenic. This show was downloaded some 12-years ago and became an essential live boot in the absence of 'Vespertine.'

During the 35-date world tour, Bjork accumulated recordings of the live performances and compiled them to create the official disc 'Vespertine Live.' It mixed her vocals from various different performances together to achieve seamless, near-perfect versions of some of the live Vespertine songs. 

It was critically acclaimed and a box set including the Vespertine disc, as well as a live DVD of the performance from the Royal Opera House in London was also released.

You may be forgiven for thinking, well what does the bootleg do, that the official releases don't? 

This is sourced from a live Japanese broadcast that was bootlegged and is a more representative example of the tour and set list. It's the actual live audio without any studio or technological 'enhancements.' The broadcast set has five tracks from the latest album* and a varied tracklist drawn from the previous three albums with a 'Selmasong' and the unreleased 'It's In Our Hands' (eventually issued on the greatest hits compilation.)

Sound quality as you would expect from the Japanese sources is superb.

01. Overture (3:41)
02. All Is Full Of Love (4:11)
03. Harm Of Will (4:34)*
04. Undo (5:43)*
05. An Echo, A Stain (4:17)*
06. Unison (6:47)*
07. Isobel (6:20)
08. Pagan Poetry (5:28)*
09. Hyperballad (4:48)
10. Army Of Me (4:05)
11. Bachelorette (5:27)
12. Human Behaviour (6:23)
13. It's In Our Hands (6:26)

FM recording: Taken from Red White bootleg.


                                                                         Flyer from defunct Tower Records

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