Wednesday 17 June 2015

#38 DAVID BOWIE - Strange Fascination (Live 1974) (Flac)

DAVID BOWIE - Strange Fascination
Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, USA
5th September 1974

“The Year Of The Diamond Dogs” as named by producer Tony Defries, began on 14 June and ended on 1 December 1974. The tour had three distinct legs; June to July, then September and ending with October through to the beginning of December.
This soundboard was recorded on the second leg, from the fourth date of a seven-night run, at the Universal Amphitheatre in LA. During the month layoff in August, David began recording his next studio album, “Young Americans.”
The official release “David Live” was recorded on the first leg during July. This live recording from the second leg, is somewhat different with alternate arrangements of some of Bowie’s most famous songs, making it never less than interesting and somewhat of a rarity, as there are few seventies unreleased Bowie recordings in this quality.
The set list is excellent, a third of it taken from the current ‘Diamond Dogs’ album, four tracks from ‘Aladdin Sane’ and three from ‘Ziggy’, also performed is ‘All The Young Dudes’ a Bowie written hit single for Mott The Hoople. The outtake ‘ It’s Gonna Be Me’ from the ‘Young Americans’ sessions would not see official release until 1991 (on the album re-issue)
Despite the many accounts of David’s large cocaine intake and drug problems, he performs and sings extremely well, despite the bizarre ‘Italian’ accent used on some track intros.
A superb bootleg, well worth a place in your collection.

Liberated Bootleg
Label - Tom 001/002 CD
Artwork Included

Silver Discs > EAC > Flac
2xCD - 106 Minutes Approx

CD 1
Rebel Rebel
Moonage Daydream
Sweet Thing
Suffragette City
Aladdin Sane
All The Young Dudes
Cracked Actor
Rock And Roll With Me

CD 2
Knock On Wood
It's Gonna Be Me
Space Oddity
Diamond Dogs
Big Brother
The Jean Genie
Rock 'n' Roll Suicide
John I'm Only Dancing (Again)
Voice Of Promoter

Notes below from Bassman's David Bowie site

"A Japanese double CD made from the original tape. It is not fair to call it a re-issue of the European CD with the same title, because this one contains the 10 minute intro and the outro. The intro consists of lots of street sounds and the outro is the voice of the promoter announcing that Bowie has left the theatre after the final song. The sound quality is absolutely excellent, which means even better than the European issue, but if you can't compare you won't notice! Anyway, it's a true must!"


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    1. Just used Firefox and it worked fine. I know some people have access problems with Mega but it can be overcome. There is a Mega app which you can add to your browser which makes easier downloading (so they claim).
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  2. Absolute quality download and sound is 10/10.... Many thanks

  3. Had a few copies of this that has been monkied around with to try and make them sound better. OK the Bowie vocals are good sound wise, but so much is submerged of everyone else.

  4. Wonderful, many thanks. I love this site and your hard work at making available so many great performances.

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