Monday 14 May 2012

#11 MOGWAI - Reading Festival 2001 (pre-fm) (flac)

Those that have already downloaded the New Order - Reading Festival post will need no convincing of the quality of the BBC transcription discs. This is another, this time we move ahead eight years to 2001 when Mogwai headlined the Evening Session stage (named after a BBC Radio 1 programme)

Only six tunes but nearly an hour's worth of music. The set-list features four of Mogwai's best known tracks: Mogwai Fear Satan, New Path To Helicon, Ithica and the epic My Father, My King.

Reading Festival
Evening Session Stage
25 August 2001
Headline show on second stage.

01 4' Applause & Intro (Faded In) (0:04)
02 Sine Wave (4:14)
03 Mogwai Fear Satan (9:56)
04 You Don't Know Jesus (6:17)
05 New Path To Helicon, Part 1 (8:10)
06 Ithica (3:27)
07 My Father My King (25:13)

BBC Mastered CD -> EAC V0.9 beta 4 (secure mode) -> FLAC frontend (level 8)

"Somehow, it's dark outside as Mogwai soothe our frazzled brains. They are magnificent..."
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  1. Very execited to find this, will give a listen.

    One thing though, I was at this show, and I'm certain they played C.O.D.Y, because my friend next to me was crying throughout.

  2. Download available here: