Thursday 8 March 2012

#04 ADRIAN BORLAND & THE SOUND - 2 meter sessies (sessions) (Flac)

2 meter sessies (sessions)

FM radio broadcasts
NOB Audiostudio, Bullet Sound Studios, Netherlands & Maida Vale, London

In 1987, the managing director of the Dutch radio station 3FM instructed DJ. Jan Douwe Kroeske to have more native language spoken on his programme, he then decided to have the international guests play a song on the show so beginning the 2 Meter Sessions (named after dj Jan’s height).  TV broadcasts of the show began in 1993.
This compilation of Adrian Borland & the Sound is from five sessions which were broadcast on Dutch radio between 1987 & 1995.
The Sound only feature on the first session, two tracks from 1987’s fifth and final album ‘Thunder Up’, the band decided to split in 1988 following Adrian’s worsening health problems.
The remaining sessions are from Adrian’s solo career also with Wouter Planteijdt and new band the Citizens.

1. Iron Years
2. Hand of Love
3. Beneath The Big Wheel
4. The Other Side Of The World
5. Silent Air
6. Rogue Beauty
7. Shadow Of Your Grace
8. Intro - Shoreline
9. Lonely Late Nighter
10. Simple Little Love
11. Rocket
12. Winning
13. When Can I Be Me
14. Someone Will Love You Today
15. Rogue Beauty
16. No Ethereal
17. Crystaline
18. The Big Wheel

tracks 1-2, session 1 - The Sound (December 1, 1987, NOB Audiostudio) both tracks can be found on the final Sound album ‘Thunder Up’

tracks 3-4, session 2 - Adrian Borland feat. Wouter Plantejdt (October 3, 1989, NOB Audiostudio) both tracks can be found on the 1989 debut solo album ‘Alexandria’

tracks 5-7, session 3 - Adrian Borland (January 9, 1990, NOB Audiostudio) opens with Silent Air from the classic 1981 Sound album’ The Lions Mouth’ and two more tracks from the current album‘Alexandria’

tracks 8-12, session 4 - Adrian Borland & Citizens (February 12, 1994, NOB Audiostudio) the first four tracks on this session are from the third solo album ‘Beautiful Expression’ closing with ‘Winning’ from 1981’s ‘The Lions Mouth’

tracks 13-14, session 5 - Adrian Borland (June 22, 1995, Bullet Sound Studios) this short two track session opens with a song from the new album ‘Cinematic’ and closes with one from’ Beautiful Expression’

bonus tracks 15-18:  Adrian Borland from Bob Harris Session, BBC Radio April 18, 1990 FM added to the fourteen Dutch Radio tracks is a bonus BBC Radio session, all four appear on the solo debut ‘Alexandria’
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Compiled and shared at Easytree in December 2004 by Cor Diemers.
Adrian Borland Tribute page:
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  5. The early 80's was a great time for new bands. My motto for that time was, ignore the mainstream and listen to the independent labels

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