Monday 12 March 2012

#05 THE BEAT - Paradiso, Amsterdam 1980 (Flac)

Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands
10 May 1980

Lineage: FM Radio 2 NL, 3 April 2009 (Denon TU-460)
> PC > CD Wave (track splits) > Flac 6 (TLH).

One of the four main bands involved in the late 70’s to early 80’s 2 Tone UK ska revival, The Beat came from Birmingham and like Madness they only released one (debut) single on the 2 Tone label, It helped launch their careers with Go-Feet and Stiff records respectively.  The band were known as the English Beat in the USA.

This live concert from Amsterdam was recorded on the European tour to promote the Beat’s debut album ‘I Just Can’t Stop It’ released in May 1980.
It was re-broadcast nearly 29 years later on Dutch radio, the broadcast contains all the tracks featured on the debut album except Can’t Get Used To Losing You. Also played live were both sides of their debut 2 Tone single.

1.             Two Swords
2.             Tears Of A Clown
3.             Twist And Crawl
4.             Rough Rider
5.             Mirror In The Bathroom
6.             Best Friend
7.             Whine And Grine / Stand Down Margaret
8.             Noise In This World
9.             Big Shot
10.           Hands Off She's Mine
11.           Jackpot
12.           Click Click
13.           Ranking Full Stop

Dave Wakeling, guitar, vocals
Ranking Roger, vocals
Andy Cox, guitar 
David Steele, bass
Everett Morton, drums
Saxa, saxophone
Password is:  gofeet1

Password is:   gofeet2 


  1. Thank you so much. What a great initiative to share some of the very best bootlegs in lossless quality. Love it! This is what the internet is for :D

  2. Thanks hope you enjoy the Beat, got a nice original Specials broadcast coming soon

  3. Thank you--never had a chance to see them in concert--much appreciated!

  4. No neither did I, Bad Manners at a festival was the closest I got to a band from the 2 tone era.

  5. Thanks for this download! I saw this band at Perkins Palace in Pasadena, CA in the fall of 81. A great mix of people in the audience,
    Punks, Hippies, all smoking pot and skanking together! I believe it was the last tour that Saxa was on. Hearing this show brought back lots of memories!

    P.S. The Specials show was also Kick Ass!

  6. Thanks, great to hear that you saw them and this helped bring back those days.

  7. I would love to see the artwork without the fake jewel box and shadow so I can use it for itunes

  8. Thanks-great blast from the past!

  9. Cheers for that mate, really appreciate it. Brilliant band.

  10. Thanks, Bringing back some good memories.


  11. Thanks Agent#67.You've completed your mission. #ENGLISHBEATLIVEMUSIC4ALL!