Thursday 9 June 2022


1. Can't Stand Losing You (4:30)
2. Don't Stand So Close To Me (3:50)
3. Tea In The Sahara (3:36)
4. Walking In Your Footsteps (3:56)
5. One World (Not Three) (4:02)
6. Demolition Man (3:45)
7. Roxanne (3:13)

The Police - The Derangements:
Police remixes & re-interpretations by Stewart Copeland [Studio, Flac)

Lineage: Studio > ? > CDR > EAC > FLAC

The likely story about these:
“Derangements consisted of a 7 track CD with new interpretations of Police songs by Stewart Copeland for his Police documentary “Everyone Stares”, released in 2006. These tracks were expected to be included as bonus tracks on new Police catalogue reissues following the 2002 release of “The Very Best Of...Sting & The Police”, but due to rumoured objections by Sting, this never moved forward. They will likely never be released officially in any form due to the complicated licensing and permission issues between the multiple parties (band, management, EMI, etc.).”

Original Upload notes:
I originally received this disc from a fairly dedicated and connected Police fan in late 2004/early 2005. Stewart did an amazing job on these remixes and the result is a set of very listenable, re-imagined Police tracks. It’s really a shame it will never see the light of day, officially. And, having seen so many low bitrate mp3 versions of it being circulated (in fact ANY mp3 versions of it are useless these days, in my opinion), I thought it should be out there in FLAC. Enjoy!"

Thebasement67 says:
The tracks appeared on the DVD release 'Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out' but they are part of a score that uses more than sixty music cues taken from original studio versions, rare live performances and seven previously unreleased 'derangements' of classic Police studio and live tracks created solely for this film. I haven't seen the film and going by the original upload notes, it would seem that these tracks are not available in their entirety. Perhaps someone that has the documentary on DVD could confirm this.

The opening track is my least favourite of this, if you're not too keen on it persist with this short download. The second track 'Don't Stand So Close To Me' more than makes up for it.



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