Tuesday 19 April 2022

FONTAINES D.C. - Studio 104 , Maison de la Radio, Paris. 2020 (Flac)

FONTAINES D.C. are a band that I remember reading about sometime ago, "ones to watch" and the "new best thing" declared the reviewers. I'd heard a few tracks and agreed that their was certainly some promise but for me the lead singer's voice grated a bit especially on some songs that had repetitive lyrics. It was the single 'Jackie Down The Line' taken from the forthcoming third album (now released) that finally opened my ears to the merits of the band.

As I've got older and with the amount of music I've heard over the years 'the next big thing' hype beloved by the media, can get very tedious. It puts needless pressure on the bands in question and can lead to disappointment on the listener's part, who feel that the music hasn't lived up to the hype.

I downloaded this show and the short World Cafe performance and interview to get a better picture of the band and their live performance, this can often be more revealing than the finished studio product.
After hearing this show I went back to the first two albums and listened through in advance of the release of 'Skinty Fia'.

The third album has become a current favourite and will I'm sure reach a high placing in the end of year album polls. In this instance the hype seems justified much like the acclaim that the Libertines and Arctic Monkeys encountered
in earlier years.

Their Irish roots come through strongly in the lyrics and of course Grian Chatten's umistakeable vocals. Musically you can hear echoes of past post-punk greats such as Joy Division, the Cure, Sonic Youth & the Wedding Present for example, more apparent on the first two albums.

What I like about their music is the synthesis of these influences and heritage to produce something new, that really sounds new, which is a rarity in indie guitar music today. Give this some repeated listening and see what you think. I've moved the intro and interview on the short World Cafe broadcast to the end, so that you can enjoy the three live performances without interruption. 

The Paris radio show has excellent sound with surprisingly few interruptions by the presenting DJ, unusual for a Studio 105 broadcast. The set list is split evenly between the first two albums 'Dogrel' (2019) and 'A Hero's Death' (2020) respectively.  

Studio 104, Maison de la Radio, Paris, France
October 7, 2020

FM (France Inter)

01. I Don't Belong        
02. Televised Mind
03. Chequeless Reckless    
04. Sha Sha Sha
05. A Hero's Death
06. Hurricane Laughter
07. Big
08. You Said
09. Oh Such A Spring
10. A Lucid Dream
11. Too Real
12. Boys in the Better Land (cut)

Time: 48m 58s
Lineage: Yamaha RN 602 - Tuner > Tascam DR7 > wav > Adobe Audition > flac

(original upload by smog31)



World Cafe
January 29, 2021
(broadcast date)

13- A Hero's Death
14- I Don't Belong
15- Sunny
16- Interview
Time: 23:45

Lineage: FM > Avermedia Tuner > Adobe Audition > CD Wave Editor > TLH > FLAC (level 8)


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