Wednesday 19 May 2021

BUZZCOCKS - BBC Radio 1 Session 'One World' 2003

This Buzzcocks session was a promotional radio appearance to publicise their self-titled seventh studio album. It was a joint session for the John Peel & One World programmes. Seven tracks were recorded and split over the two programmes. Three included here were not broadcast on the Peel show: Breakdown, Orgasm Addict & Harmony In My Head.
The session was one of my final recordings before a fourteen-year break.

The Peel session songs broadcast, all appeared on the new album: Driving You Insane, Certain Move, Lester Sands* & Jerk. 

Lester Sands* first appeared way back in 1976 on the 'Time's Up' bootleg - now officially released.

BBC Radio 1 FM - One World
Experimental DJ's with esoteric forms of music not heard elsewhere on radio. The programme was broadcast every Thursday from 12 midnight to 2am.

Buzzcocks 'One World session'
2 April 2003
BBC Radio One FM - May 2003

01. Lester Sands (2:29)
02. Jerk (1:59)
03. Breakdown (1:58)
04. Orgasm Addict (1:58)
05. Harmony In My Head (2:59)

Pete Shelley – vocals
Steve Diggle – guitar, vocals
Tony Barber – bass
Phil Barker – drums

BBC Radio One FM broadcast > Sony Tuner > Sony MD player > CDr > Wav 

thebasement67 (May 2021)


If you are unaware of who the Buzzcocks are, there is an interview from 2003 here:

Interview 2003

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