Monday 16 December 2019

#134 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - Max's Kansas City Night 1973 (Flac)

Springsteen fans may be feeling somewhat overwhelmed with the sheer amount of official release bootlegs available via the site. These shows has certainly made inroads into the amount of downloads each torrent receives on the specialist Jungleland tracker, with many now failing to get anywhere near 100 downloads.

So far the earliest official recording available has been the Roxy show from 18 October 1975. Nothing has yet been released prior to Roy Bittan & Max Weinberg joining the band.

This early show from 1973 is somewhat more intimate and  understated in comparison to many of the official releases. Even if you think you can't manage another Springsteen show, try this one, it really is superb and an excellent example of how the early band sounded.

Max's Kansas City Night (Crystal Cat - CC 874)

Max's Kansas City, New York City, New York

31st January 1973 

Time: 75:02

Lineage: Transfer/Trade and Generation Info: Original Silvers -> Eac (Secure) -> Flac

Max’s Kansas City Night 1973 is from Bruce Springsteen’s January 31st show, sourced from the recent (then) posting on Wolfgang’s Vault.  It includes Micky Ruskin’s introduction and a short tune up at the beginning of the set.

Springsteen had a six-night, twelve show run at the venue in support of Biff Rose and this show was recorded by the King Biscuit Flower Hour with only one song, “Bishop Danced,” being broadcast.  Earlier releases of this show include Live At Max’s Kansas City (The Swingin’ Pig) with “Song To Orphans” cut, and The Unsurpassed Springsteen Vol. 1 with the complete track.  These early versions of the show contained “Thundercrack” edited down to 6:50, with the “comedy break” eliminated, since it was distributed by Springsteen’s management to select industry people for promotional purposes.  But these latter releases have the entire eleven-minute rendition.

Crystal Cat also include the three surviving songs from the last show “Song To The Orphans” is complete, taken from Unsurpassed Springsteen Volume 2 (Yellow Dog), and ”Rosalita” is the song’s debut.  The final track is the studio recording “Phantoms” dating from the May 1973 Phase 1 sessions.  This song would be retitled “Zero & Blind Terry” later on in the year. 

01. Introduction By Mickey Ruskin (0:50)
02. Mary Queen Of Arkansas (7:41)
03. Bishop Dance (6:29)
04. Circus Song (Intro Heat Wave) (5:37)
05. Spirit In The Night (5:26)
06. Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street (7:18)
07. Thundercrack (13:17)
08. Saga Of The Architect Angel (5:34)
09. Song To The Orphans (8:38)
10. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (8:35)
11. Phantoms (Outtake) (5:37)



  1. Thank you. I really like early recordings by Bruce. I'm not his biggest fan but I really dig the vibe he had going on the the early-mid seventies. I can't wait to hear this. The Bowie story is cool too

  2. There are a few '73 recordings but this one is my favourite - some rare songs and you also get Rosalita and Thundercrack.

  3. Can't wait to hear this one!

  4. I was there. He started solo...but after the third song...a group of wild men joined him on stage. So electric that my drugged friend's head pop up to see the show...:)