Saturday 3 March 2018

#111 RICKIE LEE JONES - Live in Amsterdam 1979

Rickie Lee Jones
Theatre Carré, Amsterdam,
The Netherlands,
3 September 1979.

This FM recording, broadcast by Dutch radio and features Rickie Lee Jones live from Amsterdam in 1979. Sound quality and levels vary as a result of the show being put together from two different sources. It could do with a little work, some fades and lowering the sound levels on a few tracks, but this is still an upgrade, compared to the previously torrented version of the show.

 Rickie lee Jones left home as a young teenager. Her drunken travels along the West Coast of the US eventually led her to Los Angeles where she took waitressing jobs and honed her song writing skills in small clubs and wherever she could get a gig. She met Tom Waits and began a relationship, which would lead her to take song writing more seriously and her first taste of success came through credits for her own composition 'Easy Money' on Lowell George’s solo album “Thanks, I’ll Eat It Here”. On the strength of this and a four track demo, she signed to Warner Brothers and began work on her self titled debut album which although mainly written in 1978 was eventually released in 1979. She performs seven of its eleven tracks live during this Amsterdam show.

 Original notes:
 Digging through my box of old tapes I stumbled into this recording. A very good radio broadcast from her first promotional tour. Recorded and broadcasted by KRO Radio.

A different source was issued for sale on the bootleg “On Saturday Afternoons in 1979”

One song, 'Something Cool' was later released on the CD release of Girl at Her Volcano (first released as a 10 inch EP). This stereo recording, taken from two cassettes, gave me the possibility to patch a fade in and out on the last track. 'Sentimental Journey' track 6 is taken from my early seed and is in mono.

Setlist :
01 High Gear And Young Blood
02 Something Cool
03 Young Blood
04 The Last Chance Texaco
05 Weasel And The White Boys
06 Sentimental Journey
07 Coolsville
08 Easy Money
09 Chuck E’s In Love
10 Up On The Roof
11 On Saturday Afternoons In 1963
12 Jam and band introduction

Line up :
Rickie Lee Jones: vocals, guitars, keyboards
Neil Larsen: Keyboards
Buzzy Feiten: Guitars
Reggie McBride: bass
Art Rodriguez: drums
Steve Letzner: percussion
Larry Williams: saxophone

Track 1. High Gear And Young Blood is by The Larsen-Feiten Band (Rickie Lee's backing band)

Source : FM > Cassette > Audacity > CD Wave Editor > Flac
Another one from the box of old tapes !



  1. her early stuff!

  2. Still have her first album from 79. I remember hearing it on the radio way back then. This looks great. Thank you.

  3. Hi, I just stumbled across this fine site - so much to explore! I came across this Rickie Lee Jones and would love to hear it -but the link doesn't seem to work? I loved the album when it cames out and saw her at the Odeon in Edinburgh the week before this Amsterdam gig. Am I doing something wrong or could the link be re-upped please? Thanks either way.

  4. The cloud site for that link is no longer operating and that's why it's broken. The show needs some audio work as mentioned in the post before it can be upped again. Sorry I can't promise when.

    1. Thanks for your response, much appreciated.