Tuesday 28 February 2017

#102 BROADCAST - BBC Radio & TV Sessions (1996-2000) (Flac)

BROADCAST - BBC Radio & TV Sessions

01 The Note
02 Untitled
03 Forget Every Time
04 The World Backwards

05 Come On Let's Go
06 Look Outside
07 The Book Lovers
08 Lights Out

09 Long Was The Year
10 Echo's Answer
11 Where Youth & Laughter Go I Am Not Welcome

12 Until Then (cuts in)
13 Come On Let's Go
14 Look Outside
15 Papercuts

16 Come On Let's Go
17 Unchanging Window

tracks 1-4 John Peel session #1 BBC FM Radio 1 broadcast - 6 October 1996
               (recorded at Maida Vale 4 studio in London on 15 September 1996)
tracks 5-8 Steve Lamacq session BBC FM Radio 1 - March 1997
tracks 9-11 John Peel session #2 BBC FM Radio 1 - 9 February 2000
               (recorded at Maida Vale 3 studio in London on 23 January 2000)
tracks 12-15 The Queen Elizabeth Hall, London BBC FM Radio 1 - 20 June 1998
tracks 16-17 Later with Jools Holland, BBC2 TV broadcast - 20 May 2000

Lineage: CDR received in trade > Soundforge WAV > dBpoweramp Music Converter FLAC

 Around the year 2000, several albums showcased electronic music, the most well known and controversial of these was Radiohead's album 'Kid A'. It continuously cropped up on critics lists because it defined the dread, alienation, anxiety, and malaise of the digital era in the new millenium. Another album also spoke of these same themes, the band was called Broadcast and their debut album was titled ‘The Noise Made By People’. Unlike Radiohead, Broadcast were subtler, more rhythmic, and worked in a less obscure medium. Coming some four years after the group's initial single release, the debut has attained a striking classical timelessness. It has a delicate balance between the electronic experimentation and the crystalline elegance of film scores (especially the swinging basslines and jazzy percussion of the '60s). Floating above this is the ethereal vocals of siren Trish Keenan.

This set is an excellent introduction with six radio session performances from their debut. Influences from Portishead are apparent but this music has a softer and warmer edge to it.

These three BBC Radio One sessions were culled from broadcasts between 1996 and 2000. The bonus tracks were taken from a live appearance for the John Peel curated Meltdown Festival at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London 1998. Four of the eight tracks performed live are included here. The two final tracks were taken from a BBC2 television appearance, Later with Jools... these are in slightly inferior audio. The inclusion of the third John Peel session from 2003 would have made this set more comprehensive. At present a lossless version does not circulate. Despite that, this is still one of the best Broadcast bootlegs available. I also rate highly their Black session and the VPRO performance in Amsterdam, both from the year 2000.


John Peel session #3
(mp3 320kbps)

01. Pendulum
02. Colour Me In
03. Minim
04. Sixty Forty

Recorded 24 July 2003 - Maida Vale Studio 4, London, England
Broadcast 19 August 2003 - John Peel show, BBC Radio 1 FM



  1. Some how I missed this. I don't think I ever saw it. I can't find it. Maybe I accidentally deleted it.

    1. email me direct Wilder and I'll have a check and get it out to you.

    2. Thanks for the Re-Broadcast!

  2. Hello, thank you so much ! and what about the "Black Session" of May 2000 at Radio France Paris, it's an amazibg performance too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnOKlZdHQCM
    regards from Paris

  3. You are most welcome Eric. Yes I also rate highly the Black session from your home city and the VPRO performance in Amsterdam too.

  4. Hi! Thanks so much, great upload. Some confusion though... According the peel archive here:

    the session from 1998 was completely different. The one in your LINK1 archive doesn't seem to be this performance. Any clue where I can find this?

    The Sessions from 24 Jan 2000 (see link again) is also highly sought after (at least by me, heh). No one else seems to have that one either. Help me get the word out! I'd love for an official cd set to be released one day...

  5. The confusion stems from the site you refer to. The band only recorded three sessions in a studio setting. As opposed to live performances included in the Peel show from other venues, eg. the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London is listed as a studio but is in fact a live venue as was the Birmingham show you refer to.

    These programmes were part of the John Peel show and introduced by Peel but they are not studio sessions. If you need verification on this you will find it in the Peel Sessions book written by Ken Garner.

    The show you refer to was broadcast on the Peel show from the live venue: Irish Centre, Birmingham. It was made available recently on the Dimeadozen tracker.
    The QE Hall, part recording circulates and may also be on the Dime tracker.

  6. Thank you so much. Broadcast is one of my favorite groups. While I know many of these made it to official release, it's nice hearing how they originally were. I'd love to find more in better quality... especially the KCRW Tender Buttons period session.