Thursday, 26 March 2015

#30 LEONARD COHEN - Live in Zurich, 21 May 1993 (Flac)

The 1993 tour, from which this recording originates, would likely have been Leonard’s last, but he discovered in 2004 that his manager had been embezzling his earnings. He was left with little from his long career in music and publishing. After a long and protracted legal battle, he once again took to the stage, at the age of 73, for his first tour in 15 years. This latter day touring has resulted in a slew of official releases by his record company Columbia, another is scheduled for this year. It joins previous releases Live In London (2008), Songs From The Road (2008-09), Live In Dublin (2013).

With this in mind I’ve decided to post something from his mid-career era. The tours for the 'I’m Your Man' and 'The Future' albums were massively successful, humorous lyrics,

“Everybody knows that you've been faithful
 Ah give or take a night or two
 Everybody knows you've been discreet
 But there were so many people you just had to meet
 Without your clothes”

and great songs, introduced a younger audience to his work. This recording is from Switzerland’s largest city Zurich in the early summer of 1993, and is sourced from an FM broadcast, bootlegged by Flashback. The sound quality is excellent (some sibilance on the vocals) as is the performance. Leonard moves swiftly with ease from his newer work to his many older classics.
If you like this and want more from this era, I can also highly recommend these from the 1988 tour: Muziektheater, Amsterdam and Laugardalshöll, Reykjavik

Leonard Cohen
Kongresshalle, Zurich,
21 May, 1993

01. Dance Me to the End of Love
02. The Future
03. Ain't No Cure for Love
04. Bird on the Wire
05. Everybody Knows
06. Anthem
07. First We Take Manhattan
08. Avalanche
09. Chelsea Hotel #2
10. Tower of Song
11. Democracy
12. Waiting for the Miracle
13. I'm Your Man
14. Joan of Arc
15. Closing Time
16. Take This Waltz
17. Sisters of Mercy
18. Hallelujah
19. I Tried to Leave You
20. So Long, Marianne
21. One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong

FM ->  ?? -> CD -> EAC secure -> Wav -> Flac Frontend -> Flac (5)
Released by Flashback, Luxembourg, 1993: Flash 07.93.0215/1

If you have this bootleg, bin it and seek out the following upgrade with the following lineage:

DAT broadcast master
> clone towards me > cloned file created in microtrack > goldwave for track split and upping the volume of the last aud song a bit > TLH 8


  1. I Love Leonard Cohen!
    (Now, why anyone would choose Flac 5, I don't know. Why not Flac 8? It's probably not as bad as choosing mp3, but I don't get it.)
    I will definitely listen and probably save.
    I just got the 3CD plus DVD - Live in Dublin.
    Leonard Cohen is a trip!

  2. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. "flac8" would result in the best compression, it needs MORE time to encode the file!
    anyway, the "compression-rate" simply changes the filesize, NOT the information for decodation!
    so all "flac"s are lossless!!
    mp3 is NOT LOSSLESS!
    ... no false economy here!, for the marginal difference in filesize between "flac5" and "flac8" shouldn"t really bother!

    ... hanx for uoloading!

  4. The Swiss capital is Bern.

  5. thanks anon, changed it to largest city, with apologies to the Swiss.

  6. Can't wait to hear this - thanks so much thebasement67!

  7. The old version is available here:

    scroll down to the second last link, while you are there select the last link too.